Welcome to ContentBear

I believe you already know what ContentBear.co is, but here is a short explanation and backstory about it.

ContentBear was a quick project that I came up with so I can observe one of my developer friends how to Node.js. The plan was to release it the day I become Jr.VIP, but week or two early someones published a tool like this, so I have withdrawn from the project and let it catch dust.
4 Weeks down the road, the same guy decided to start monetizing his website (no offense my dude, it's terrible. And using the first NPM you found on Google which is buggy as hell and it's not providing much.).
ContentBear was rewritten from 0 in 1 night because I got so pissed because I let someone have five minutes glory cause of a free tool that might help many people and suddenly you gotta pay for it (not to mention that he doesn't have sales thread and pushing it under the title “FREE”).
Therefore, I got in contact with VPSnet.com so they can send one of their nice VPS’s my way so I can host the script on it in return of a AD, so do not hesitate to at least visit there website!
ContentBear is capable of pulling every CC and pulling Every AUTO CC in every single language that Youtube supports. Wow, many contents, such words.

This is the first public release and it never been stress-tested on a bigger scale than few requests at a time.
Please don't mind us if it crashes on the first try! For any bugs please contact me in PM on BHW or write us an email at:
[email protected]

Have fun with it!
Much FatBee